Why Content Marketing??

Why Content Marketing??

Content will play a significant role in present and future of digital marketing.

It is the process of developing and sharing relevant, valuable, and engaging communication with your target audience for gaining new customers or bringing business from the existing customers.

Content marketing attracts and retain customers by regularly creating and curating relevant  content with the intention of changing or increasing consumer behaviour.

The relationship of content marketing and social media marketing is like brown rice and white rice. They are made with same process and the effect is same. a special recipe is required to bring  content marketing and social media marketing together to create something inspiring delight. It ensures social media marketing and content marketing work together.

Statistics that show Content will remain forever:-

  1. CMI or Content Marketing Institute has revealed that 86% of the B2C marketers think content marketing is the key Strategy.
  • Many marketers don’t know how to use Content Marketing, as per CMI 63% Business don’t have a documented Content Strategy.
  • As per the Research by Zazzle Media, 60% of the people find it hard to produce Content consistently.
  • 65% find it hard to produce engaging Content.
  • CMI’S Digital Marketing Stats shows that 72% of the Marketers say Content Marketing helps in increasing Engagement.
  • 53% of the marketers use blog as the key for content marketing strategy.
  • It is found that 95% of the people only look at the 1st page of the search results, so Content has to be optimized in order to be at page 1 of Google.
  • For effective Content Marketing strategy, 72% of B2B and 76% of B2C marketers use video content.
  • Ciscosays, by 2021, 82% of the internet traffic will come through videocontent.
  • As compare to desktop more searches are now happening on Mobile, 52% of all the web traffic will be on Mobile, so use of mobile content needs to be stronger.

Advantages of Content Marketing

  1. Helps in brand awareness:

Some consumers may be perfect fit for your brands and services but they might not be aware of the brand. By creating useful content which is valuable for your target audience,it will increase the brand awareness and allow them to engage with your product.

  • Quality content will help you build and encourage stronger customer relationship

If you want to uplift your repeat business with customers,  than its very important to nurture your current customer relationship. The best way to do this is to update them with quality engaging content which may be through email marketing content or educate them on important topics.

  • Position your business as an industry expert by using quality content:

Consumers look up to thought leaders for relevant information which helps them to understand their needs and challenges, so by creating good content which is valuable for others  you can start to position your business as industry thought leaders where others can look up to.

  • Contents are Shareable

Your content is shared when your consumers forward your email marketing messages to your colleague or they share your social media posts with their friends. This is the best way to increase visibility in the market.

Any industry, any company of any size can benefit from content marketing in order to reach and engage with your audience.

Content is very important for businesses in today’s digital era. The fact today is that only 9% of the B2B marketers believe that content marketing is effective.

Influencer Marketing is the New Word of Mouth

Influencer Marketing is the method of promoting your product, services, and campaign, by collaborating with an influential person on Social Media. These Influential people have an influence on others. By regularly engaging with the audience, building trust factors by conveying relevant information and reviews on a specific product or service.

This method of online marketing is almost like a celebrity endorsement. But in with the increasing trends of Digital Marketing, regular content creators with relevant audiences can often offer more value to brands.

As reported by eMarketer, a survey from WhoSay found that 70 percent of U.S. agency and brand marketers agreed that influencer marketing budgets would increase in 2018. And 89 percent said influencer marketing can positively impact how people feel about a brand.

As social media channels become integrated part of our lives, a different marketing concept came into existence. influencer marketing.

People are trusting in their favorite Instagram models, personalities on Twitter and YouTube stars for advice and recommendations on purchasing decisions in reference to the latest trends and reviews on a product or service.

The right influencer is the person who can reach your target audience, can build trust, and drive engagement. Create original, engaging content that is directly linked to their own brand (instead of following an advertising style provided by a brand).

Social media has given an opportunity for normal people to build their own brand through effective content and engagement. These upcoming influencers are more relatable than traditional celebrities. Because more people are joining social media networks every day, so companies are leveraging these platforms for marketing.

To find the right influencer for your brand these 3 Rs you will need to be considered.

Relevance: The influencer is sharing content and has an audience that is relevant to according to your product and service.

Reach: The value that you brings to your business by the influencer will depend on the number of reaches through the influencer’s follower you could potentially get.

Resonance: The level of engagement the influencer can create with an audience that’s relevant to your brand. A smaller follower count can be very powerful if it’s a niche area and the potential influencer has a dedicated and engaged following.


Here Are some facts that motivate you as a marketer to utilize this new way of marketing.

1) More than 60% of the teenagers trust influencers more than traditional celebrities.

2) 80% of Women refer to Social Media to get Purchasing Advice

3) Consumers Depend on Influencer Recommendations increasing day by day

4) Influencer Marketing Is the Fastest-Growing method to acquire customers online.

5) More than 50% of companies in the Fashion and Beauty Industry Engage in Influencer Marketing

6) Influencer Marketing has overtaking Print Marketing

7) Facebook Is the Most Influential Social Media Network

8) 74% of People Trust Social Networks to get guidance in Purchasing Decisions

9) Twitter Users Made a Purchase Based on a Tweet and after analyzing all the reviews and trolls.

Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence is revolutionizing digital marketing by improving the user experience and enhancing existing aspects of content marketing.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing all industries one by one like a wildfire. The next target is Digital marketing which is already in a dynamically evolving phase.

“By far, the greatest danger of AI is that people conclude too early that they understand it.”

What exactly is AI?

Artificial intelligence is an umbrella term that includes a wide range of more or less matured technologies which simulates functions of a human brain. This family includes machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and generation, linked data and many other fields of computer science.

But the question is ”How can AI help already existing aspects of digital marketing?”  Well, all thanks to social media outreach and the tons of data that technology users leave behind every moment during internet surfing.

Relationship: AI and Digital marketing

Recent years have witnessed considerable confidence amongst marketers with regards to AI and its applications. This is probably because of more and more sectors reaping significant benefits from this. How can we miss out on Tesla’s self-driving cars, the sarcastic Siri and not talk about how Google’s AI can learn video games in mere hours (exciting! Isn’t it?).

AI is not limited to big data, internet of things or machine learning. It can tremendously boost digital marketing with below mentioned potential areas:-

Revolutionizing user experience

The customer is the king of any business and content is king of a marketer.

Aligning your “content marketing strategy” can be groundbreaking.
Chatbots-Multi dimensional communication systems with sensory abilities such as touch and voice would personalize customer experience as they receive the impression of talking to a real person.

Augmented reality with this, customers can see and feel the product before its actual purchase. This will help marketers have an actual idea of relevant audience beforehand.

Predictive marketing

User browsing data is collected for AI analysis and reveals information like user behavior, needs, and possible future actions. Based on this, marketers can supply Relevant Information and services to customers by creating targeted campaigns. This predictive campaigns can reduce customer research on product/service and make decision making easier (So, both marketers and customers are happy!).

Content marketing: Writing and editing with AI

Intelligent technologies can easily automate content discovery, reading, writing, SEO, content distribution, data analysis and much more.

Below mentioned are popularly used AI tools:-

  1. Acrolinks:-Its intelligence is focussed on maintaining internal coherence between diverse documents in terms of language, the tone of voice.
  2. Grammarly:- One of the most popular AIs in the market, it quickly proofreads on your content as it acts as a text editor and can easily be integrated with other tools.
  3. Wordlist:- Specifically designed for WordPress, this intelligence translates your article into metadata that machines can understand. This can then be used by chatbots, digital assistants.
  4. Crystal:- It monitors stats from different channels and media(including your website too) for performance analysis. It makes publishing new content easy and automates campaign management.
  5. Quill engage:-It allows you to turn data into contextual interpretations and suggest marketers the next action towards their goals. (isn’t data analysis the thing that machines do best?) 

Maximize ROI by image recognition

Social media is built on visual content (We all like pictures more than text). AI can understand consumer pattern and behavior with these visuals and draw a conclusion by comparing social media images to large image library (Big tasks if we had to do it!).

Marketing is a game of perception. AI gives you the correct angle.

How to make your business likable?

The law of sales says:
“People buy products from people they like”

So, here are few tips to make your business likable


“It’s all about conversations, the best communicators start as best listeners”

-Bryan Solis, social media Manifesto

Research: Get to know who your customer is? Start from research; Assemble the information about your customers. Notice the conversations, to find out who is curious to avail your product and services.

Follow them to find out where they are sharing all the information.


Establish your pages and profiles on social media, where your customers are present so they can easily find you. This will help your business to get noticed, after that it’s your turn to approach them and start a conversation.


Find out who is talking about your product and services, mentioning you in their timeline and stories. Initiate to communicate with them, provide more information about the related products and services.

Try to make them feel special.

Provide Incentives: Offers always get the customers attracted and are worthwhile for the business.

Categorize your customers according to the pattern they buy, for example, some wait for new arrivals and lunches, some for discounts and offers, some for special occasions.

Share the information about upcoming products, new launches and news about the latest arrivals according to the preferences of customers.Do more than just selling: don’t ever choose hard selling. always be in touch with your customers to understand their likes and dislikes, answer their queries.

Try to be a friend to them by listen to their problems and try to solve it.

Customer service: Maybe some customers are unsatisfied with your product or service. Reach out to them before they reach you. Provide them with the best possible solution as soon as possible.

Track results: always keep an eye on the results, after every action you had done. The analysis of changes after every campaign, advertisement, post, and review is very important.

Invite your special customers for their reviews and ask them for improvement if there any.

Be useful: Help your customers in the best possible way at any time, make yourself available for them when they need you.

Share expert advice to help them as well as ask for their opinions.

So, someone left your business with a bad review. Now what?

Always turn a negative situation

Into a

Positive Situation

The era in which we are living is a phase where everyone among us first check the reliability of a product/service online that whether we can go for it or not and then opt it.

But what happens, if someone leaves your site with a bad comment or review?

We believe that it will make a bad remark on the goodwill of your company? Yes for sure it will. In a recent survey, it’s been assessed that customers usually drop the idea of choosing a company just because of a bad review.

Question asked – Have you ever left a local business on the basis of Online Review?

Almost 98% said yes they had left a business on the basis of an Online review. Tackle that effectively and make sure that your company will never lose a customer just because of a Bad Review.

Bad review!

There are several ways to approach for solving this problem But again some organizations opt for the one which is -review removed.

We are repeating that this is a terrible approach, don’t opt for it!

According to us the bad review is not the main problem. A bad review is the result of a problem. The real problem is whatever happened to your customer and your businesses that created that result

You Should Respond Publicly.

But Not To Defend Yourself.

Don’t feel offended when someone makes a bad remark on your product/services. Neither delete that from the social platform nor try to defend yourself.

What to do?

The response should be an apology for how they feel, and a request for an opportunity to make things right. Happy customers are the ultimate target we want to achieve at last, so just follow these 5 steps if there is a bad remark-

  • Hear
  • Empathize
  • Apologize
  • Resolve
  • Diagnose