Social Media Marketing for Mobile Apps: Standing out in the Planet of the Apps

Social Media Marketing for Mobile Apps: Standing out in the Planet of the Apps


HMD Global, the company that is reviving the Nokia Phone Brand, recently launched a 2017 version of Nokia 3310 Handset.

Nokia 3310 was a very popular handset; back in the 2000’s which came with a pre-installed snake-game.

A lesser known fact is that the snake game was actually the world’s first mobile application.


But the mobile apps industry was revolutionised in 2007 when Apple Inc. launched its first I-Phone.

Google launched the Android Market in 2008, it was termed market because Google wanted it to be a place where developers can directly trade with consumers.

Later, in 2012, it was merged with Google Music to form Google Play.


If an established company or brand launches a mobile application they can easily promote it to its existing customers through its established mediums.

For Example Lifestyle, a major fashion retail chain in India, gave online offers to its existing customers when they shopped at the physical stores.

Private Banks not only boost integrating all banking needs of consumers into their mobile apps but also offer cash back for digital transaction through their apps.

But these paid advertising requires significant financial resources. Thus if you are a developer on a tight budget for marketing your mobile app then I recommend Social Media Marketing.

Social media helps you reach a much wider, sharply targeted audience, who are bound to be more interested and loyal towards your mobile app.

Now let’s discuss some effective ways through which you can promote your mobile app on Social Media.

  • Identify your Target Audience, stay active online and be consistent

Social media allows you to target users by age, income, gender, geography and interests. Creating a strong fan base requires consistent content sharing and engagement on Social Media with your followers.

  • Create a Short Interesting Trailer for your App.

Content with videos goes much further than just sharing a link for download. Create a short animated video which explains the features of your mobile app to your audience. Highlight your App’s USP in these videos. Post it on your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Accounts.

Involving a social media influencer can also work wonders for your mobile app promotion.


  •  Boost Existing Users Participation

Offer discounts, coupons, cash back, gift cards, etc., to your existing users to boost their participation on social media.

You can request your users to take part in feedback surveys for your mobile apps. This helps in research for the improvements or additions your team needs to make when they add a new update to the Mobile App.

Or if your app involves media editing tools (like Voice Modifier, Image Beautification or Video Clips Editing) then you can also request your users to share their edited content on their Social Media Accounts tagging along with your Mobile App Social Media Page.

  •  Share the Story Behind the Development of your App

Mobile Apps are made for the convenience of Human Beings. You can engage your Audience by sharing your journey behind the App. Posting a Blog or Short Video is the best platform.

Some points to get you started are:

  1. What incident lead to the main idea behind the app.
  2. How did you find your core team members/partners
  3. What challenges did your team face during development or prototyping
  4. Your plans for the Future for the Mobile App

Below are some fun facts about two popular Mobile Apps.


Social media offers you great scope for mobile app marketing.

And I would recommend Digital Proficio as a Digital Marketing Agency for your Mobile App Marketing.

They have a rich experience of more than 7 years in the field of Digital Marketing including Social Media Marketing and SEO.

Their Existing Client Portfolio includes many Mobile App Marketing Projects. They provide a complete package which includes over 6 Social Media Platforms, Blog Content Creation and Analytics for your company website.

They also provide assistance in maintaining the User reviews on Social Media as well as Mobile App Markets.

Some samples of their Social Media Marketing for App Marketing are provided below.

Zapollz: Your Own Poll

A simple yet powerful tool for gathering quick opinions and coming to conclusion by creating and sharing Public or Private Polls.

Zapollz-DP-Blog-App Zapollz-DP-Blog-App3 Zapollz-Post-Blog

Study Board

A Mobile App that helps in conduct online education.

Also, acts as a community of students, teachers and coaching classes.

Studyboard-App-Blog3 StudyBoard-App-Blog2 Studyboard-App-Blog

Adnoto Plus

A Contract and Subscription Manager which allows the user to manage all their ongoing commitments.

Adnoto-DP-BLog Adnoto Plus-DP-Blog

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Content of the Blog by Tushar Khurana