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pay per click advertising services
pay per click advertising services

Advertise Too Close and Get More Sales Opportunities

Being a pay per click advertising services agency in india we have accomplished the plenty of ppc services projects and what we finally found is One of the many benefits of launching Ads is that you can build Tailored Audiences and seek out exactly who you’re looking for and have them interact with your communication.
The professional social network brings a new audience, a new time of day and new opportunities for social advertisers and marketers. It offers results that can profitably affect a business’s bottom line.
We’re finding for our clients, that being an early adaptor of the Instagram advertising platform is giving them a real edge over their competitors. Remember when Facebook ads were new, or even further back when ppc Ad Words first launched? They were great times for those who got their first as CPC’s were lower due to a lack of competition, the audience was more likely to click as the ppc ads were new and interesting, and users hadn’t developed ad fatigue that crept in later.
The same is currently true for Instagram advertising – making it the best social channel to be focusing your advertising efforts on if you’re the right kind of brand.

Using the Promoted Tweets functionality, you can easily jump on real-time world events and be ahead of the game. And with in-depth segmentation and targeting, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the right message across to the right people at just the right time.

Generate Quick Leads by Advertising

Employing ads as part of your digital and social strategy will not only help in gaining traction but will also increase your prospect database. There are many ways by which you can direct Promoted posts or cards to your website; whether there’s an event which asks users to register or advertising a piece of important content that you think will connect well with your audience look further and hire us as pay per click advertising services we provid you high quality leads .

Lower CPC’s

Lower CPC’s are advantages of Instagram advertising. We’re seeing Instagram ads that have lower CPC’s than Ad Words (comfortably – suppose an average of £0.30 or $0.65 versus an average on Google of £0.65 + Heavy time consuming), than Facebook (averaging £0.35), Twitter (averaging £0.70) and LinkedIn (averaging £1.05).
When it involves video views, Instagram too blows most out of the water with equivalent costs to Facebook at around £0.04 – £0.10 per video read on the average.

High Conversion Rates

Conversion rates from Instagram ads look smart – notably, once it involves softer engagement on a website like downloading a resource or signing up to look at more content. In terms of driving purchases, early results also are good – however primarily wherever the product in question is especially visual or engaging.

An Engaged Audience

The audience on Instagram is highly engaged, relevant, and able to be targeted really precisely. Don’t be worry we are here as a ppc services in india and our targeting is based on Facebook’s targeting data which we’ve written about many times. That means you can use your custom audiences, interest-based targeting, demographics and more to find your perfect audience on Instagram – and what’s better, they’ll be much more engaged than they currently are on Facebook.

Remember that Instagram is highly visual as well – means brands that look and feel good will always do best – think fashion, food, and music as great examples for instance.

Do not waste much of your time hanging up with advertising agencies to find out right medium to market your brand. Discuss your business with Digital Proficio and let’s build business go high with us for ppc services.

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