Social Media Marketing for Mobile Apps: Standing out in the Planet of the Apps

Social Media Marketing for Mobile Apps: Standing out in the Planet of the Apps


HMD Global, the company that is reviving the Nokia Phone Brand, recently launched a 2017 version of Nokia 3310 Handset.

Nokia 3310 was a very popular handset; back in the 2000’s which came with a pre-installed snake-game.

A lesser known fact is that the snake game was actually the world’s first mobile application.


But the mobile apps industry was revolutionised in 2007 when Apple Inc. launched its first I-Phone.

Google launched the Android Market in 2008, it was termed market because Google wanted it to be a place where developers can directly trade with consumers.

Later, in 2012, it was merged with Google Music to form Google Play.


If an established company or brand launches a mobile application they can easily promote it to its existing customers through its established mediums.

For Example Lifestyle, a major fashion retail chain in India, gave online offers to its existing customers when they shopped at the physical stores.

Private Banks not only boost integrating all banking needs of consumers into their mobile apps but also offer cash back for digital transaction through their apps.

But these paid advertising requires significant financial resources. Thus if you are a developer on a tight budget for marketing your mobile app then I recommend Social Media Marketing.

Social media helps you reach a much wider, sharply targeted audience, who are bound to be more interested and loyal towards your mobile app.

Now let’s discuss some effective ways through which you can promote your mobile app on Social Media.

  • Identify your Target Audience, stay active online and be consistent

Social media allows you to target users by age, income, gender, geography and interests. Creating a strong fan base requires consistent content sharing and engagement on Social Media with your followers.

  • Create a Short Interesting Trailer for your App.

Content with videos goes much further than just sharing a link for download. Create a short animated video which explains the features of your mobile app to your audience. Highlight your App’s USP in these videos. Post it on your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Accounts.

Involving a social media influencer can also work wonders for your mobile app promotion.


  •  Boost Existing Users Participation

Offer discounts, coupons, cash back, gift cards, etc., to your existing users to boost their participation on social media.

You can request your users to take part in feedback surveys for your mobile apps. This helps in research for the improvements or additions your team needs to make when they add a new update to the Mobile App.

Or if your app involves media editing tools (like Voice Modifier, Image Beautification or Video Clips Editing) then you can also request your users to share their edited content on their Social Media Accounts tagging along with your Mobile App Social Media Page.

  •  Share the Story Behind the Development of your App

Mobile Apps are made for the convenience of Human Beings. You can engage your Audience by sharing your journey behind the App. Posting a Blog or Short Video is the best platform.

Some points to get you started are:

  1. What incident lead to the main idea behind the app.
  2. How did you find your core team members/partners
  3. What challenges did your team face during development or prototyping
  4. Your plans for the Future for the Mobile App

Below are some fun facts about two popular Mobile Apps.


Social media offers you great scope for mobile app marketing.

And I would recommend Digital Proficio as a Digital Marketing Agency for your Mobile App Marketing.

They have a rich experience of more than 7 years in the field of Digital Marketing including Social Media Marketing and SEO.

Their Existing Client Portfolio includes many Mobile App Marketing Projects. They provide a complete package which includes over 6 Social Media Platforms, Blog Content Creation and Analytics for your company website.

They also provide assistance in maintaining the User reviews on Social Media as well as Mobile App Markets.

Some samples of their Social Media Marketing for App Marketing are provided below.

Zapollz: Your Own Poll

A simple yet powerful tool for gathering quick opinions and coming to conclusion by creating and sharing Public or Private Polls.

Zapollz-DP-Blog-App Zapollz-DP-Blog-App3 Zapollz-Post-Blog

Study Board

A Mobile App that helps in conduct online education.

Also, acts as a community of students, teachers and coaching classes.

Studyboard-App-Blog3 StudyBoard-App-Blog2 Studyboard-App-Blog

Adnoto Plus

A Contract and Subscription Manager which allows the user to manage all their ongoing commitments.

Adnoto-DP-BLog Adnoto Plus-DP-Blog

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Social Media Marketing for Books and Authors : Bucket List to Best-seller List

Social Media Marketing for Books and Authors

Before we start about Social Media Marketing for Authors and Books, let me first congratulate you, because if you are reading this, you must be either a budding author or planning to write a novel in near future. Basically, ‘Writing A Book’ would be featured on your Bucket List somewhere.

But if not, you are still at the right place; because our Social Media Marketing Strategies for Books and Authors also extend to Blogs and other Literary Works.

Note to self

Irrespective of the genre of your book, Social Media Marketing for your Book is first and foremost for it to reach the best-sellers list.

But book publishing Industry has undergone many changes in recent times. Let’s discuss them in brief.

Rise of Self-Publishing in Book Industry

Self-publishing once dismissed as a vanity project, now seems to be the future of book publishing.

Traditional Publishing has very low royalty, especially for new authors, which ranges from 5% to 10%. Moreover, the control over publishing timelines shifts from the Author to the Editor.

Partnered Publishing is slightly better with 10% to 15% Royalty but has its own cons. Sales Figures effects Royalty percentage and it’s costly.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform made Self Publishing popular in the US.

In India, many firms like Notion Press, Become Shakespeare, The Write Place, Cinnamon Teal provide Self-Publishing Services to first-time authors.

This trend got boosted in India when Amish Tripathi self-published his first book in Shiva Trilogy. He was rejected by 20 Publishers prior to his decision to self-publish.


Although such self-publishing claim to make tailor-made marketing campaigns for your book promotions, but their customer’s reviews suggest strongly against this.

Thus, I suggest it’s wiser to hand over the reign of Social Media Marketing for your book in the hands of a Digital Marketing Expert.

I highly recommend Digital Proficio for this, not only because they have creative and dedicated team members but also because they have rich experience in promoting books through Social Media.


Social Media Marketing: Pre-Launch

Start with creating a website for the Author followed by a Facebook Page (as a Public Figure) and Twitter Account.

Social Media can also be used for doing Research regarding retail pricing of the book. If you feel uncertain about which book type to be select (Hardcover, Paperback, E-book) and what retail price to be finalised before the launch.

To finalise a retail price, create a Range of Facebook Adverts, with the same content but different price point. Post all of them together for a small time period and targeting your demographic audience.

Analyse and evaluate the adverts once they are completed. The advert that brought in the most amount of engagement is the price you should finalise as Retail Price.

Social Media Marketing: During Launch

During this period all your Social Media Accounts must be very active.

Launching a Teaser Video a few weeks before the launch date of the book is a new trend followed by post Authors. It’s mostly a short animated video giving snippets (small extracts) of the story. Promote the teaser video on all Social Media Channels. Creating a Special Hashtag proves as an added bonus for tracking the reach of the video.

Creating a Special Hashtag proves as an added bonus for tracking the reach of the video.

Lily Singh, famed Canadian YouTuber of Indian Origin, not only created a Hashtag for her First Book but also visited Indian and US cities for book promotion events.


Posting some part of your book on-line, around the launch, is helpful for certain kinds of writing. Everyone loves a free sample.

Embed a Retweet button in the free chapter of the book that you post online. This helps to create an online community that appreciates your writing style and work.

A fun interactive competition, on Facebook, to get people excited about your book is also a good idea.

Social Media Marketing: After Book Launch

Instead of contacting Top Bloggers personally or through References to review your book it’s better to invite all bloggers collectively through a promotion. Send out promotions to Blogger Communities. Bloggers are the new press. Engage them and entice them with a couple of extra copies of your book for their Blog Reader

LIVE VIDEO: Conducting Live Videos is one of the latest trends in Social Media Marketing. Live Broadcast with Book Experts or Critics is engaging.

Creating an Online Event Invite for your Book Launch Event is mandatory and if possible post your book launch live on your Facebook Page. It’s already being done for Mobile Phone Launches these days, books should not lag behind.

If your book is nominated for any award or gets featured at a Literature Fest due to update your followers on Social Media.

Also if any discount is being offered by BooksBarnes And Noble on your book, share their post to update your followers.

Writing a book is an amazing experience; right from developing the plotline to signing books for your readers during a launch event.

Digital Proficio can handle all Social Media Marketing Needs for your book project.

Below are two examples of Social Media Marketing Posts our team had created for our book projects.


This Post was for a book titled ’40 Days To Tantric Ecstasy’ by Author Jane Rae

UltimateGymBookThis post was for a book titled ‘The Ultimate Guide to joining a Gym’ by Author Jon Douglas Gallo.

Hiring us would not only boost your online engagement with readers but also result in conversions.


Keep Loving Books! And contact us if you want your book to switch from your Bucket List to the Best Seller List.

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Engaging Employees in the Social Media Marketing of a brand

Engaging Employees in the Social Media Marketing of your Brand and make brand promotion of the products with all e-commerce platforms

Although 81 percent of marketers say influencer marketing is effective yet the rising price tag of roping in the big-name influencers for promoting your brand has made the companies venture out to new groups of online marketers, their employees.

One of the top E-commerce players in India, Flipkart seems to have plunged head first into Employee Advocacy for Social Media. They call their employees, Flipsters and have Separate Social Media Accounts dedicated to them titled, ‘Flipkart Stories’.


For Example, a question posted on Quora was answered by a Former Vendor Manager at Flipkart with pictures of the Flipkart Main Office received an impressive 19800 upvotes. The question was regarding the coolest corporate office in Bangalore City. The employee answered in favour of Flipkart Main Office as the best corporate building

An answer on Quora voting for Flipkart Main Office as the coolest office in Bangalore City


Decathlon, a french sporting goods company, also makes their employees ‘Live the Brand’. From giving out newly launched products for trials to employees to taking sales team on adventure sports for annual meets. It also never uses models for its brandings. They are either imminent sportsperson or employees.



IBM – IBM does not have a corporate blog or twitter account. But they have around 52000 Internal Blogs that are being managed bu their employees.

IBM, which ranks 14th on Fortune 500 List truly believes that their employees, IBMers, are the voice of the company.



Nestaway, India’s fastest growing “Home Rental Network”, also encourages its team members to share its content on their social media profiles. I actually got to know about this startup, earlier when it had just started, through my friends facebook posts, who is an employee there.

Bahubali 2 Jewelry Collection Design Company 

Dolly Verma-Blog

Also, all the jewellery in the recent blockbuster Bahubali 2: The Conclusion, was handled by Amrapali Jewels based in Jaipur. A batchmate from my college, who graduated in Accessory Design, is a designer with the firm. And all her recent posts are related to the jewellery collection of Bahubali.

Thus, I would like to conclude that engaging your employees for promoting your Social Media content on their personal Social Media accounts is many benefits.

It ensures better engagements as posts shared by user accounts has 16 times better reach compared to brand accounts. Also, your employees feel more connected towards your company’s values.

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